The White Buffalo

Traveling musician The White Buffalo carries a sorrowful tale and a cold history on his back. His musical inspiration comes from frank and friendly folk, slow and soul-bearing blues, grounded and familiar country, jovial and cathartic Latin, thoughtful and artistic jazz, and soothing rock & roll. The rest of his inspiration comes from life. His breathtaking, emotionally charged music puts the whole audience in a trance.

The White Buffalo

You can catch The Wild Buffalo’s music throughout Sons of Anarchy, including his vocals in the season 7 finale song, “Come Join the Murder.” His songs also appeared in Californiacation, Shelter, The Punisher, This is Us, and Longmire. Learn more about the artist in Ernie Ball’s series, Capturing the White Buffalo.

The Wild Buffalo’s music is smooth as molasses, vocals carried by the rhythm of the guitar. Sometimes, he’ll take out his harmonica or whistle for a while. His discography has evolved over the last 15 years, becoming more personal and experimental, and including elements from a variety of musical traditions. 

Wish It Was True

Carrying an American flag all his life, he sings mournful, disenchanted words about the military reality and the broken American dream. The powerful sentiment is a glimpse into the pained psyche of The White Buffalo and what he wishes to impart to the world. 

See The White Buffalo live in Sisters, Oregon at the annual Sisters Rhythm and Brews Festival on Friday, July 26th. See the full line-up including the famous sister band, Larkin Poe.