About The Sisters R&B Festival

Sisters Rhythm and Brews Festival is a two-day music event nestled in the small town of Sisters, Oregon. Our vision is to bring high-quality blues musicians to Central Oregon while supporting the local community.

We see the event as an opportunity to introduce new faces to our community. Ticket holders will enjoy five-star entertainment and award-winning craft beers, all within walking distance. The festival will support environmentally conscious practices. Best of all, visitors get a chance to enjoy our breathtaking mountain scenery. And like the other events in Sisters, local businesses will benefit from the visiting musicians and ticket holders.

With your support, and that of our community, we are excited to make this dream a reality.

A special thank you to Rosie Lockie, the insanely talented professional illustrator for creating our beloved festival posters and to Intellitonic, the digital marketing agency who helped us build our site and craft our plan of attack to hit the masses (we roped you in, so we call that a success).


Sisters Rhythm & Brews Poster



Our 2019 and 2020 posters were designed by PNW-based artist Rosie Lockie. Our 2022 poster started as an original painting based off a photograph by artist Stan Street of Clarksdale, MS.


We are proud to say that Sisters Rhythm and Brews Festival is not an all-for-profit company. The Festival will give back to the Sisters community by donating proceeds to local nonprofits and charities specializing in housing and empowering youth and families.

Heart of Oregon Corps YouthBuild Program

Sisters Gro Graduate Resource

Sisters Habitat for Humanity

Sisters Graduate Resource Organization

Sisters GRO helps Sisters High Students interested in developing the community and private sector.

In 2019, we awarded a $500 scholarship to a very deserving young man. This year, we’re excited to offer two, $1,000 scholarships for students interested in building sciences or building trade school.

Sisters Habitat for Humanity

Sisters Habitat for Humanity

Affordable housing is a great need in Central Oregon and the local Habitat for Humanity assists those families that may not qualify for a traditional home loan. They bridge the gap between working families and home-ownership.

We are especially excited about the building standards they have recently adopted. Their pride in workmanship, the quality of materials, and the focus on energy efficiency will maintain affordable homes for many years to come.

Heart of Oregon Corps

Heart of Oregon Corps YouthBuild

We at The Sisters Rhythm and Brews Festival have firsthand experience working in the building trades and have worked directly with the youth and volunteers at the Heart of Oregon. This program specializes in empowering our local youth by teaching them life skills and work ethic, all while earning a living wage.

The building trades are losing its workforce with baby boomers heading into retirement everyday. Training and employing our youth provides them with a sense of pride in their workmanship and encourages their self-sufficiency and security in a thriving career.