2021 Postponed

We once again find ourselves in the unfortunate position of postponing this year’s Sisters Rhythm and Brews Festival until next August. 

As much as we want to, we cannot in good conscience bring 65 musicians plus 2,000 festival-goers into town. Waiting any longer jeopardizes the musicians, vendors, stage crews, security and support staff’s abilities to secure other dates in an already difficult landscape. This decision somehow comes with even more sadness as it did last year, knowing how close we are to seeing the end of this and how much time we have spent this last year looking forward to reconnecting with our festival family this summer. 

Details on festival postponement:

  • Ticket Rollover. Your ticket will automatically roll over to next year’s event. Prior to next year’s festival, upload the ticket to your phone or print out the hard copy and we will see you at the front gate! Due to our ongoing commitments to the artists, community, vendors and the resources already allocated to this year’s event as a show of our support, we strongly encourage and hope you to take this action. 

  • Our commitment to the Sisters and Central Oregon Community. We remain committed to the 2021 Sisters High School graduating seniors by way of scholarship funding for higher education. Now more than ever we feel the way out of this mess is to invest in our future. We will be awarding one scholarship to a graduating senior this year. In addition, we continue to support the efforts of our local Habitat for Humanity branch and our partners with the Heart of Oregon YouthBuild.

  • How you can help. If you have the means, ability and desire to help us grow this festival and keep it sustainable for the years to come, the best thing you could do for us at this time is purchase an extra pair of tickets and pass them along to someone unexpecting. Never have we realized more the importance of live music and the value of community, please help us pass this gift along! Click here to support SRB


  • Refunds. In no way do we feel comfortable asking for your support if it has become a financial burden. We will start processing refunds the first week of July – this will give us time to get all the moving pieces in place to smoothly issue a refund. Click here to request a refund for 2021. Requests will be honored until June 30th, 2021.


  • We remain available to you. Please reply if we can answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. We want to assure everyone that this is not an easy decision and our hearts go out to our fellow festivals, musicians, and production teams.


Letting go is a part of life and we want to gracefully say thank you and goodbye to the 2021 festival season. We wish you all good health and safety during this very painful experience.


With warm regards,
The Entire SRB Family


Eric Gales
The War and Treaty


"He is absolutely incredible."

Carlos Santana on Eric Gales