Is your cup half full?

There is a lot that goes into this little festival, even our small event creates quite a bit of waste. One of the many considerations we have to take into account and definitely not the most fun one to think about is garbage disposal. We strive to create as little waste as possible and provide recycling for approved items. Additionally, from the outset we have used soy based compostable cups but the reality is not much can be recycled or composted by our local stations and we are still left with a small mountain of trash to contend with. Which is why we have decided to eliminate all plastic pint cups in the bar. Starting in 2020 each festival goer will receive an official Sisters Rhythm and Brews cup!


In an effort to be more environmentally conscious and to reduce our overall festival footprint we are proud to announce that with every festival pass purchased we are including a commemorative stainless steel cup. All cups will be distributed during check in. With your help this will allow us to be better stewards to the place we call home.

The festival will continue to have water stations available for you to keep hydrated and local libations for a more adult version of hydration. Imbibe with your beverage of choice at our bar, featuring all Oregon based beer and spirits.

Not only are these cups handy for you to use during the festival, you can use and reuse to your heart’s contents for any number of activities. Sport your beverage vessel proudly knowing you are a part of the movement to reduce our environmental impact. We appreciate your support and we will see you in July!

Reusable festival cups